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You are a chapter in my book, but I’m merely a sentence in yours (via hourae)

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Seorang sahabat bertanya.

" Dimana kau letakkan Tuhan?"

Aku diam.
Lama memikirkan.

Bibir mungkin mudah berkata,
” Tuhan itu dihati aku letakkan.”

Tapi hakikatnya..

Aku sendiri masih mencari,
apakah Tuhan itu aku letakkan dalam hati.

Ampunkan aku, ya Tuhan.

* menitis gerimis*

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Wish a miracle happen on my becoming birthday

It’s hard to see how people change, especially when you miss the way they treat you before. (via picsandquotes)
I know you’re with her now, and she loves you and you love her, but I promise she’ll never love you like I did. (via picsandquotes)

It’s so piss you off when you find out that your friend didn’t reply your message meanwhile they can reply others,

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